Glamour Bento was born from the idea that Korean Beauty is more than just a trend. The innovation that K Beauty brands have brought to everyday cosmetics is here to stay–and we’re more than OK with that. We strive to make Glamour Bento a “one-stop shop” for everything K Beauty–from the newest and trendiest products to How-To videos, Tips & Tricks for getting more from each product, and product reviews and ratings from consumers like you!

Where can consumers find affordable Korean products? What about those ingredients and directions–how about some translation and maybe a How-To video? How do you find out when there are new products on the market? What about product quality–wouldn’t some comprehensive reviews and an effective rating system be nice? Enter: Glamour Bento, a website designed as a comprehensive, all-inclusive website that promotes affordable Asian beauty products!

So take a look around, watch a few videos, and maybe try our monthly selection of curated products in the Bento Box–we hope you’ll stay a while!


Our mission is to provide consumers with the ability to access a previously out-of-reach and curated selection of beauty and skincare products from Korean and Japanese producers. We seek to deliver these products at affordable prices and – through blog posts, videos, and trending articles – in a way that promotes an appreciation for the K Beauty lifestyle.